Speaking at the American Geophysical Union

By Bill Tong

Last December I was granted the opportunity to give an oral presentation about the Dust Watch App at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference. We submitted our abstract a month before and we were ecstatic to hear that we could share our project with the world. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut and I followed the work of some of the AGU scientists religiously. Besides being at AGU and meeting some cool scientists, we also got some some perks. Besides giving me the opportunity to miss a few tests, we got some AGU merch. Check out Jeffrey Tong rocking the light blue lanyards.

Jeffrey Tong at the conference.

At our conference, I explained our vision for the app, what functionalities it would have, as well as our end goal for the app. We took many questions from the audience and come out feeling like we were on the right track. Many people were very interested in the idea and connected us with contacts in the field. As students, it was certainly eye opening speaking to these professionals and learning about new ways to look at old problems.