Real life uses for the Dust Watch App

The DustWatch App is a useful app that has many different features. There are many real life scenarios where the DustWatch app comes in handy; here are just a few.

  1. Starting with the home screen, users can zoom in on the map to their location and look for traffic on nearby roads. In any situation, knowing the location of traffic is useful, especially in the event of a dust storm.
  2. In the event of being caught out on the road during a dust storm, there is also an “Emergency Tips” button on the home screen which gives tips about what to do.
  3. On the home screen also include dust metrics from the user’s default city. These dust metrics include dust concentration, PM2.5, visibility, and wind speed; a dangerous value for all of these metrics could mean a dust storm is coming. Users should try to stay indoors in the event that any of these metrics reach an extremely dangerous value.
  4. On the guides screen, there are short courses that provide basic information about dust storms. It is advised for users to go through each course when they first install the app to be prepared for any future dust storms.
  5. Also on the guides screen are a “Shelter Locations” and an “Emergency Contacts” page. These pages can be filled out by users when they first install the app, so they are prepared in the event of a dust storm.
  6. Finally, on the data screen, users can search up the dust metric data for any location in the United States up to 48 hours in advance. For example while planning a road trip, users can determine which cities to avoid if they will have dust storms.