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Who Are We

We’re a group of high school students in Maryland with a passion for programming and goal to improve the world through code.

Our Mission

We want to improve public safety by warning the public of incoming dust storms in advance.  

What We Do

We regularly meet up to add features to our app, patch bugs, and improve our work through user feedback.

Our history

The Dust Watch App team started off as a group of friends who knew each other since middle school. We watched a news report in school about a devastating car pileup in Arizona due to a dust storm, which suddenly appeared and obscured visibility, causing the unprepared drivers to crash into one another. As a result, many people were killed or injured.

We decided to take action, and we realized that at the heart of the issue was that there was no readily available, mobile warning system that could warn people wherever they went of incoming dust storms in their area.  We decided that building a mobile app was the best solution – a smartphone would be on a person at all times and could be easily accessed for data. We had a passion for programming and set out in the summer of 2018 to build our app.

We were inspired to create the app after hearing about death of 9-month girl in a deadly car pileup at the New Mexico-Arizona line caused by impaired visibility from dust storms. You can read more about this tragedy here. Picture credit goes to the Arizona Daily Star.

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